Monday, August 17, 2009

Menu Monday - August 17

Hello to my fellow moms and bloggers. This week is going to prove to be a big challenge with two kids off to first day of school and one going next week. It's always challenging getting back into a routine even for those of us who are organized. It's still a tough transition. Thank goodness for Menu Monday to at least keep my dinner planning on track. So here it is. My menu for the week.

Monday - grilled bbq chicken, mac n cheese, corn

Tuesday - Hamburgers and hot dogs, mashed potatoes, peas

Wednesday - Shrimp tacos, black beans and rice, green salad

Thursday - Beef soup over noodles, broccoli

Friday - Baked tilapia, squash, green salad

Saturday - BBQ in honor of my birthday!

Sunday - Baked Ziti

Have a great week. What's on your menu?

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