Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kitchen Series Part 1 - A Clean Pantry

The other day I organized my pantry and now it is so functional and easy to get to everything. Here are some tips to organizing your pantry.

1. Take everything out of the pantry before you organize it.

2. Discard anything that looks old and outdated.

3. Put your items into groups that make logical sense (cereals, canned veggies, paper items, etc)

4. When you put your grouped items back remember to put the most commonly used items at easy reach and put the items you use less frequently up on top or down on bottom. The key is to make your trip to the pantry quick and easy.

5. Use containers for items such as flour, sugar, noodles, and rice. Those items are easier to scoop and use in a hard container rather than the bag that they come in. Plus there is less mess and bugs. Also, use a small basket for little items that can get lost with the bigger items like soup packets, gravy packets, etc.


Lisa said...

Your pantry looks great. I really like the how you have those containers for sugar and flour and stuff. I might have to go out and get something like that.
I just posted pictures of my pantry as well, but they are before pictures, I haven't gotten around to organizing mine yet.
You can check out my post here.

Terry said...

Lisa, Thanks for commenting and stick around. I have lot of good ideas for easy organizing coming soon. I love an organized pantry because I do a lot of cooking and the best part about being organized is that you can see what you need for your grocery list...cuts down on a lot of wasted shopping. I put some of my most commonly used items in makes using so much easier especially for items like sugar, flour and rice that can be messy just having them sit in the bag on the shelf...also I put cereal in a container so it is easier for my kids to pour. Thanks again.

Momof3 said...

Looks great. I'm so jealous! I wish I had a pantry.

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