Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitchen Series Part 2 - Under The Sink

How well do you organize the storage under your kitchen sink? If you neglect that cabinet space you are probably not taking advantage of quality space. Most people don't like it because of the pipes. It's hard to put shelves in that space so a lot of people don't use it wisely.

The first thing I would recommend to get for under the sink is an organizer like this.

These organizers can be built around the pipes under the sink. On these shelves you should put your kitchen cleaners (please make sure if you have small children that you childproof the cabinet), garbage bags, and other kitchen paper products. Under the sink is where I put my cutting boards, sponges, dish rags, and dishwasher soap.

Be sure to utilize this space as wisely as possible and keep it neat. You will find that a lot of storage space in the unlikeliest of places.

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